We have selected our collection of high-quality frames to reflect the latest in eyewear style, fashion, and functionality. Whatever your age or eyewear needs, we have something for you!

Josh, our optician, will apply his over 13 years experience to answer all of your questions and assess your lifestyle needs for your eyewear. He will make recommendations on lenses and frames that fit your lifestyle. Our patient-friendly policies help guarantee your satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on the fact that you and your frame choice are being seen by everyone, in reality helping to promote our office. Our local independant laboratory allows us to provide exceptional service and the highest quality workmanship, while still using local businesses. Since we are not a national chain limited by corporate policies, we can choose the best product to help aid in your needs.

All of our glasses are thoroughly inspected for quality control and prescription accuracy before they are dispensed. Even though we feel our glasses are the best available, we still ask you to come by for a periodic inspections and adjustments to help maintain your comfort. If all else fails, come by for a coffee and a smile!

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"Eyewear" is the marriage of form and function, taking traditional
glasses beyond practicality and into the realm of fashion accessories.

NW77TH ST Eyeglass Frames are a brand that caters to the urban chic lifestyle, by bringing together all of the things that make life interesting, fun, fresh, and exciting . Today’s urban dweller leads an exciting and active life beyond uniformed stores and boring shopping malls. They appreciate the social element and cultural connection of a shopping experience as well and gravitate towards retailers who enrich their lives in some way.

The material that the frames are made of are: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel that is folded many times the same way a Japanese Samurai sword is made. This material is stronger and more durable than any metal on earth.

Italian and Japanese Acetate are known to have some of the most durable and high quality products available. All of the acetate colors are designed by us and are exclusive to us. We have to order a large amount of the acetate sheets in order to create our special blends of color.

With the use of 3D printers we are able to design our frames and quickly make adjustments needed before we go into production. All of our frames are handmade, hand polished and finished sometimes taking up to two years from start to finish.
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nw77thst eyeglass frames nw77thst eyeglass frames nw77thst eyeglass frames
nw77thst eyeglass frames nw77thst eyeglass frames nw77thst eyeglass frames
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